Photo report
of the show opening

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"ArCade IV"

Photo report
of the show

"aniGma-2" The 2d Novosibirsk International Festival of Digital Imaging & Animation:
April 8 - May 5, 2005)

Novosibirsk State Art Museum (NSAM):
exhibition of computer generated prints

A very large diversity of approaches, techniques and findings was represented at this
LARGEST in Russia exhibition of computer generated prints. About 200 works of 75 artists from 15 countries were exhibited!
The exhibition will consist of prints by internationally
well known artists such as Alessandro BAVARI, Italy; Steve DANZIG, Australia;
Laurence GARTEL, USA; Mike KING, UK; Viktor KOEN, Greece;
Pascal YELLE, Canada; Yoshi ABE, Japan and many other artists from all over the World

"ArCade IV"
exhibition of computer generated prints

This show is curated by Sue Gollifer, UK
and consist of works represented
by artists mostly from UK, USA
and several other contries.
The history of this show started in 1995 from "ArCade-I"

Novosibirsk Academy of Architecture & Art
Multimedia presentation by Sue Gollifer -
Art of animation at "SIGGRAPH-2004"

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"The God" by the "Melnitsa" - Art Studio, St. Petersburg, was awarded
by Grand Prize of the "aniGma-2003" Festival
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