Alexander Shuritz

Selected chronology

Born in Birobidjan, Far East, Russia, 
January 1945.  
1958 -1962 Art department of pedagogical college.  
1964 - 1969 graduated from design department of Moscow Art Academy (Stroganovskoe).  
Since 1969 lives and works in Novosibirsk, Siberia. From 1969 to 1996 cooperated with Moscow & Siberian Region publishing houses. Illustrated more than 120 books. 


  • 1973 First participation in exhibition (Art Gallery of Artist Union. Novosibirsk).
  • 1975 First personal exhibition (State Gallery of Novosibirsk Academgorodoc).
  • 1980 Participation in fifth exhibition of Siberian region (Barnaul)/
  • 1982 Personal exhibition (tempera painting & graphic) (Art Gallery of Moscow Physical Problem Institute of Landau).
  •         Membership of Artist Union of Russia.
  • 1984 Personal exhibition (Novosibirsk Akademgorodok)
  • 1986 Participation in second USSR exhibition of books illustration. (The Central Artist's House. Moscow).
  • 1987-1992Participations in annual exhibitions of Art group "Eight" (State Art Gallery. Novosibirsk).
  • 1989 Diploma of I category at USSR competition of book illustration for design and illustrations for "Illiada" and "Odissea" of Homerus.
  •         Visit to Cuba (Habana and Varadero).
  • 1990 Personal exhibition in the State gallery of modern art (Birobidjan). Visit to England (Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Glocester).
  • 1991 Participation in the exhibition of Old Testament painting "Mith-Art" in the State historical museum (Novosibirsk).
  • 1992 Exhibition of graphic art in "Off Centre" Gallery (Bristol, England).
  • 1993 Exhibition "European Firmament" with dutch artist Yos Looise in the exposition hall "Neddlloyd" (Rotterdam, Holland).
  •         Personal exhibition in "A" Gallery Saint-Petersburg.
  • 1994 Participation in the exhibition of Novosibirsk gallery "Polar" in the Russian Embassy (Washington. USA).
  • 1995 Personal Exhibition "Angels on the Snow" in Novosibirsk State Gallery.
  •         Visit ti Itly (Brescia, Florence, Pisa, Ravenna, Venice, Verona, Mantova).
  • 1996 Personal exhibition "Territory of Love" in "Green Pyramid" gallery (Novosibirsk).
  •         Visit to Italy.
  • 1997 Personal exhibition "Galaxy contact" in "Green Pyramid" gallery (Novosibirsk).
  •         Participation in the exhibition Monte Izola. Italy
  • 1998 Contemporary Siberian Painters. Provincial Museum 'Van Humbeerck-Piron', Leuven;
  •         Personal exhibition "Mystery of Moon" in "Green Pyramid" gallery (Novosibirsk).
  • 1999 "The abduction of Europe"(together with S. Mosienko), State Art Gallery, Novosibirsk.
  •         Personal exhibition "Solar eclipse in the N-sk city", LeVall Gallery, Novosibirsk


    Tretjakov Gallery (Moscow),
    State art gallery (Novosibirsk, Russia),
    State gallery of the modern art (Birobijan,Russia),
    State gallery of the modern art (Vladivistok, Russia),
    the Found :Humanitas" (Rotterdam, Netherland),
    privat collection (Italy, England, France, Greece, Germany, USA, Israel, Costa-Rica, Russia).