Igor Kurkov

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Pastel on cardboard 


Varnish on paper 


Being 65 years old, Igor Kurkov saved exceptional optimistic and romantic mood. It is obviously seen in the most of his art pieces. 

"...Art is the main meaning of life. Through art I'd like to express myself, my feelings and emotions at the moment. I create my own reality in which pace of modern life is pulsating..."

Igor Antonovich Kurkov was born in 1936, in Rostov on the Don.  

1961-1966 he attended the Rostov Art School to become a painter and water-colorist.  

From 1966 he participated in art exhibitions.  

Personal exhibitions:  

1982 - Lvov Art Gallery 
1986 - Rostov Art Museum  
1992 - Taganrog Art Gallery  
1993 - State Russian Museum, Sankt-Petersburg  
1994 - Novosibirsk Art Gallery  
1996 - Rostov on Don Museum  
1996 - Taganrog Art Gallery 
1998 - Novosibirsk Art Gallery 
2000 - LeVall Gallery 

The art works of Kurkov are kept in many Art Galleries: in the Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the galleries of Ashkhabad, Lvov, Tiumen, Riga, Syktyvkar, Beshkek(Kirgistan), Petrozavodsk, Rostov on the Don and also in private collections (Germany, Spain, USA, England, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Japan, Finland). 

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