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    The peculiarity of the pictorial method of Igor Kurkov consists in a spontaneous, momentary drawing of the spectator in the pictorial "fabric" of a watercolor as a whole. The fusion of its paints represents a rhythmical coordination of separate picturesque stains, that interact with each other. Distinctive of Kurkov's works are the free improvisatory, nature of each canvas, the generalized character of the gentle and smooth pictorial form, the subordination of the conception to a certain poetical mood.
    The stylistics of his works demands from a spectator to a mobilize a heightened perception activity, to be able to tune himself to the "author's wave". The relations between the space and plane of a canvas are not illusory in his works. The background represents a plane with its own color density whose painting is of equal value with that of the foreground. It's interesting that the author often combines defferent genres in one composition: a landscape enters the interior through the open windows or doors, while the interior of a rural house or of a studio, in its turn, comprises sometimes figures or it is combined with some elements of a still-life. In this case the composition unity is achieved with the help of pictorial and plastic means: the details of a composition are united through color flows having composite hues.
    The poetical matter of Igor Kurkov's works originates from their general state, where all that is fortuitous, immaterial relaxes, recedes into the background or dissapears at all giving up place to a new reality, which is not a "copy" of the actuality, but a creation of the author."
Y. Rudnitskaya
(A catalogue for exhibition
in the State Russian Museum)

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