2  - 14 December

- an exhibition by UK artists

An exhibition of 2D, original, limited-edition, artists prints, all of which, at some stage in their production, have involved the use of computers to generate and manipulate the imagery.

In the five years since I have been curating electronic print exhibitions; (ArCade I & I, GAMUT & BITSTREAM; great improvements have been made in the technology of output: converting the image on the computer screen to a tangible object, retaining or enhancing its richness of colour, detail and texture, which has presence, texture and status as a physical image. New colour print technology now also enables artists to make crucial decision about scale and underlying surface for their images. Just as the choice of tools affects the art that is produced, so does the surface on which it rests. The digital artist can now choose to print on archival watercolour
or etching papers; or to produce the image as a large canvas or as plastic poster or billboard.

The artist/printmakers in BITSTREAM are from a arious parts of the UK. Most, if not all, also teach at a variety of different institutions, although the exhibition does include a few pieces of student work. The work by these artists shows a rich diversity of imagery covering a whole range of styles: from feminist, scientific, fractal, ecological and autobiographical; they have used a variety of sources to create their images; manipulating and blending their scanned images by layering them as transparent forms one on top of the other and incorporating traditional printmaking or painting methods into many of their final images. The use of computers affords the artist/ printmaker an unprecedented variety of techniques, approaches, and working methods - a new repertoire of media and processes.технологии. 

Curator of BitStream:
Sue Gollifer
University of Brighton, UK

List of participants:

Kelly Bushell
Lesley Cullen
Greg Daville
Sharon Douglas
Jeremy Gardiner
Sue Gollifer
Charlie Holt
Hilary Holt
Mike King
Magda Kourti
Adrian Leak
Mike North
Jim Nottingham
Paula Nottingham
Jave Payson
Annette Rouledge
Alan Scott
David Skingle
Glyn Trapnell
John Varah
James Faure Walker

Novosibirsk  - is a single place in Russia where those electonic prints are exhibited. Most of the prints came to Siberia after the exhibition in London, in Colville Place Gallery.

Curator of exhibition in Russian side:
Andrey Martynov


Sue Gollifer

Charlie Holt
"Tashi delek",
12" x 10", 1999

Mike King
16" x 11", 1999

Magdalene Kourti

Jave Payson
"Seed Fall",


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