18  - 30 December

One-person exhibition
of Sergey Mosienko

PAINTING (canvas, oil, graphite, polytipage, vanish, 1999) 

Landscape with Venus,
80 x 80 cm

Landscape with Mars,
80 x 80 cm

Artist Portfolio


A dance of small swans
(left part of diptych),
80 x 90 cm

Bumbe-bee flight,
50 x 50 cm

DRAWINGS (black cardboard, graphite, polytipage, silver, bronze, 1999): Series "Procession of gnomes"; Series - Art-Atlas "Natura Incognita"; Series "Levitation"(paper, monotype, gouache, indian ink, graphite,  polytipage, 1996-98)

Art-Atlas "Natura Incognita",
List 9,
35 x 100 cm

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