September 8 - 26

 ÷ritish artists of
ArCade II 

ArCade II is the UK's second open international exhibition of Electronic Prints.  It provides an opportunity to see a wide range of recent original, limited-edition, artists prints, which at some stage in their production have  involved the use of computers to generate and/or to manipulate their imagery. Because of the success of the first exhibition, and the world-wide support it received, ArCade is now a bi-annual event.

In the three years since ArCade was inaugurated, the attention of the mass media has been focussed on the promise and the danger both subject to gross hyperbole  of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Issues of Utopian sociology and morality have tended to overshadow the artistic implications of the developing technology. Far more quietly, however, improvements have been made in the technology of output: converting the image on the computer screen to a tangible object, retaining or enhancing its richness of colour, detail and texture. This second exhibition emphasises the wide range of printing techniques now available: from traditional to state-of-the-art.

The exhibition was initially publicised through a poster/application form, and via the Internet. 170 artists from fourteen different countries each submitted up to three pieces of work. The selection was made by a panel comprised of myself and representatives of the University of Brighton Computer Centre, Gail Braybon; Loughborough College of Art and Design, Mike North; and the University of West England. Martin Reiser.

For this particular exhibition in the LeVall Gallery only prints of British artists were selected.

Full version of ArCade II

ArCade II in Novosibirsk 
April 1998

Sue Gollifer
Untitled CG16, 1996

Gillian Hobson
"Salsa", 1996

Mike North
Series "Planets"
No18(f), 1996


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