24 February  - 6 March

"Japanese woodcut - traditions and contemporaneity"
one-person exhibition

": so-so: means not only grass, also this word is used at the end of a letter, and means so-long. But through this word, I would like to explain ephemerality of Japanese beauty. I am happy, if I cam manifest the span of life with woman and flower by using Japanese traditional paper and the technique of wood cut print".
Yo Takahashi. Works. 1991

 It was written almost 10 years ago, but it seems that this theme is still a sourse of the artist's inspiration.

Windy 1, 14 x 23 cm

A plant changes it's figure to lines, and it's shape from impression to belief. It then disappears, to be seen no longer. That look makes you recall for an instant those flowers in bloom left at the edge of past remembrances. Using engraved gradation, which is one of the traditional woodblock carving techniques, and awareness of the representations for lines
(their appearance), these works reflect pale minimal sentiments or unconsciousness printed on
thin Japanese paper.

Windy 1, 14 x 23 cm

        Inherent in wood and paper,
        humidity manifests its appearance.
        Seeking its place,
        my awareness assimilates within.


Yo Takahashi
Residence: Gunma & Tokyo
Education: Musashino Art School
Affiliations: Japan Artist Association, Shunyou-kai, Printsaurus

1958    born in Tokyo
1987    Received a grant from the Cultural Affairs Agency
1983-    Shunyo-kai Art Exhibition <'83 New Artist Prize,'85 Research Prize,'89 Encouragement Prize, 95 Prize>
1985,87,89    International Biennial Print Exhibition (ROC)
1990    Xylon International Triennial Print Exhibition (Swiss)
1993    Print Message from Japan (Thailand)
1994    Papier Als Middepunt "Hanga Washi" (Belgium)
           Chamalieres International Mini print Triennial (France)
1997    International Woodblock Triennial (Poland)
1998    Kaliningrad International Graphic Biennial (Russia)
1999    Taiwan-Japan Print Exchange Exhibition (Japan, Taipei)
------    Solo Exhibitions: Tokyo, Sapporo, Kanazawa, Gunma, Antwerpen
2000    Yoseido Gallery, Tokyo
           LeVall Gallery, Novosibirsk, Russia

White time, 29 x 13 cm

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