The first exhibition in 2000!

January 19  - February 1

Magdalene Kourti,
Athens, Greece

This is our first experience to invite a foreign artist with a one person exhibition to LeVall Gallery. We have selected Magdalene Kourti participated in one of previous exhibition of British artists "BitStream" as a student of London Guildhall University. Why we made such a choice? Because she is a talented artist and a very nice person.
Her solo exhibition "Weightlessness" consisted of
a video installation, 25 electronic prints and several computer animations won a high appraisal of visitors.

Russian people like the sea and the ocean very much. For many of them it is like a dream to visit Mediterranean. This dream became a reality due to
excellent exhibition of Magdalene.
An artist brought to snowy and frosty Novosibirsk her personal underwater emotions and her love to the underwater environment. It was especially exciting to admire by a refined game of underwater colors, patches of light and refractions when outside temperature was about -25C. 

Andrey Martynov
Art curator

Theme: The expression of the body's weightlessness in the water. For me the underwater environment represents the liquid security, the purification, the weightlessness, the isolation...

Magdalene Kourti is a figurative painter. She is graduated from London Guildhall University in 1999 with a specialization in computer imaging and animation. She has exhibited at "Asteri", "Entechno", "Lindos" and "Cut" galleries and "Channel 5". Her work, for the last five years, is influenced by her underwater visual pathways which she tries to translate through art. 

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