13 July - 25 July

Yasuyuki Ueda
one-person exhibition
(16 prints)

This is a part of our larger project "Japanese wood cut".

1956  Born in Hokkaido
1983  Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University of Art and Design
1990  Exhibition of the Japan Print Association (Tokyo)
1991, 92, 95-97  CWAJ Contemporary Print Show (Tokyo)
1993  Belgium-Japan Exchange Print Exhibition (Tokyo)
1994  Japan-Italy Exchange Print Exhibition (Rome, Italy)
1994  Papier als Middlepunt / Hanga-Washi (Wedgmont, Belgium)
1994  Canada-Japan Exchange Print Exhibition (Chiba)
1995  Japan - Canada Exchange Print Exhibition (Ontario, Canada)
1996  Thailand - Japan Exchange Print Exhibition (Chiba, Japan)
1996  Eleven artists from Japan (Bangkok, Thailand)
1997  Tama International Print Exhibition - Poland and Japan - (Tokyo)
1998  Asia Print Adventure 1998 (Hokkaido)
2000  The 2nd TamaInternational Print Exhibition (Tokyo)

Seiko Kawachi (5 prints)

Born 1948
1973  Graduated from Tama Art University 
1985-86  The fellowship under the Japanese Government Oversea training Program for Artists (Columbia University Graduate School, USA) 
1979, 88  International Triennial of Original Colored Graphics in Grenchen <'79 The Highest Prize, '88 Invited> 
1980, 82  Norwegian International Print Biennial <'82 The Highest Prize> 
1983  The World Print Four <the Special Edition Purchase>(California) 
1989  International Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana <The Klagenfurt Prize> 
1990  Kochi International Triennial Exhibition <Fourth Prize> 
1991  Osaka Triennial of Print Art Exhibition <Special Prize> 
1992  Tama Grand Prix Exhibition <Grand Prix> 
1994  Cracow International Print Triennial (Poland) 
1997  International Print Exhibition <Purchase Prize Award of Portland Art Museum> Oregon, U.S.A.
1995-98  Japanese graphic (Vilnius, Lithuania)
(Kaliningrad, Russia)(Olomouc, Sternberk, Prague, Czech)(Brussel, Belgium) 

Collections : The National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo, Japan)/British Museum/Norway National Gallery/Bradford Art  Galleries and Museums (England)/The Cleveland Museum of Art/Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts
(Tokyo)/Museum of Contemporary Art of Skopije (Yugoslavia), Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow, Russia) etc. 

Theme : I want to express the principal of Space World naturally. 


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