22 June - 5 July 
"Virtual visions" 
Mike KING 
one-person exhibition 

Virtual Visions is an exhibition of computer generated prints. These are virtual photographs ofimaginary worlds densely populated by surreal shapes and spaces, generated entirely with softwarewritten by Mike King and colleague Richard Wright. The objects are both organic and mechanical,non-human and yet human in their appeal, and are bathed in a surreal light that is both familiar and strange. 

King is interested in the metaphysics of the digital domain, in particular with what he calls the 'priorgiven' of space and light. He points out that light was essential in the growth of science, in the use ofthe telescope and microscope, and has also brought us to the 'end of science', the paradoxical worldof modern physics. 'There is no escape,' he says, 'The physics of light brings the subjective backinto science: through the wave/particle duality,  quantum mechanics, and the ultimate physical absurdity of the invariance of the speed of light. It is invariant with respect to you, as an individual.You are back in the picture.' 

Whatever the metaphysics of space and light Virtual Visions explores their fundamentals with an exuberance and a dynamic of composition that draw the observer into them. 

Born 1948   
1973  Graduated from Tama Art University   
1985-86  The fellowship under the Japanese Government Oversea training Program for Artists (Columbia University Graduate School, USA)   
1979, 88  International Triennial of Original Colored Graphics in Grenchen <'79 The Highest Prize, '88 Invited>   
1980, 82  Norwegian International Print Biennial <'82 The Highest Prize>   
1983  The World Print Four <the Special Edition Purchase>(California)   
1989  International Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana <The Klagenfurt Prize>   
1990  Kochi International Triennial Exhibition <Fourth Prize>   
1991    Osaka Triennial of Print Art Exhibition <Special Prize>   
1992  Tama Grand Prix Exhibition <Grand Prix>   
1994  Cracow International Print Triennial (Poland)   
1997  International Print Exhibition <Purchase Prize Award of Portland Art Museum> Oregon, U.S.A. 
1995-98  Japanese graphic (Vilnius, Lithuania) 
(Kaliningrad, Russia)(Olomouc, Sternberk, Prague, Czech)(Brussel, Belgium)   

Collections : The National Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo, Japan)/British Museum/Norway National Gallery/Bradford Art  Galleries and Museums (England)/The Cleveland Museum of Art/Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts 
(Tokyo)/Museum of Contemporary Art of Skopije (Yugoslavia), Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow, Russia) etc.   

Theme : I want to express the principal of Space World naturally.

Mike King Virtual Visions (Digital Fine Art Prints) 


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