March 6  - March 15
Valery Orlov & Alexandra Mitlyanskaya
Conceptual photography 
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According to artist's opinion, "Obshepit" - is a mirror of social conscious. Everybody paid attention  to this amazing correlation between organizing of eating process and social organizing of society. Just remember the "Book about testy and healthy food" - "Bible" of yesterday's time or a "temple" of public eating - Stolovaya, it's citizens, the dishes with emblems of the particular era and terrible food of course. Aesthetic and social changes of the current life found their reflection in "unisexual" "fast food" and "McDonald's". Shocking avant-garde pressing stable position of social realism "is eating" quite easy now by many people. "Obshepit" - is cultural phenomenon. 
33 colour photographs (50 x 50 cm) are exhibited.  
Each photograph is the image of plate with some food on it.  
Sometimes these plates are marked by stamps or emblems 
of Soviet era or by slogans. Food may form also emblems 
or just symbols of  something typical for the particular period of time.

"Obshepit"(it is a Russian or better to say - Soviet term; something like western "fast food", but not so fast and much worse in quality. It is a net of small "stolovayas"(also Russian term which means small or medium cafe) located everywhere - in cities, big and small towns and in the country. It was quite a powerful system (as well as the Soviet system at all) with huge difference between 
"stolovaya" in Kremlin or in any local administrative place ("Obkom" - regional soviet government) -  for "big guys" and in the village - for "ordinary" people.


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