November  16  - 30

"Favorite models"
Mikhail Pavin
Vladivostok, Russia

Exhibition of photography

61 photographs of the artists were exhibited

Mikhail Pavin: escape to captivity

 ...During the last years, in the artistic annals of Primorye, the name of Mikhail Pavin has been ever more frequently mentioned with hope and interest. 
    The new series of his works dedicated to his favorite models essentially continues his never-ending sequence in which his play with an object turns into grotesque, symbol, declarative act, or an act almost physiological.
    The ideal model is devoted to the artist like an Oriental houri. Thus, Pavin can punish and pardon the model and its idea quite freely, purposefully and coherently. And infinitely.


Mikhail Pavin creates the art situation. The play with dolls in the artist's hands becomes the episodes of real life, now sensual and erotic, now merciless and sexless.
    The viewer's only consolation is that, largely, it is but an enacted mystery, the sequence of framesand moods, the play of skillfully set lighting and half-tones.

L. Kozlova

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