April  12  - 26, 2001
Athens, Greece
Group exhibition
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"Cheap Art is the most modern organized artistic movement in Greece. It was founded in 1995 and after six years it has developed an important work of promoting new trends and ideas. 
Through its initial design "The Organization of Cheap but Valuable Art" it came into contact with a wide public - 60000 people - in Athens and Thessalonica, something that was quite impressive. 
It gave the opportunity to more than seventy artists - new and older ones - to communicate with a wide demanding public coming from all social classes. 
Cheap Art is an open place for artistic experimenting and research. From the beginning one of its main subjects - the price of the artistic work - played an important role in establishing a relation with the public. Today having gained the trust of a wide public the organization is at the second phase of planning laying emphasis in terms of communication on the pilot elements of the artistic work. 
The last exhibitions AUTUMN 99- THE MACHINE, SPRING 00 and SUMMER 00 - THE WORK METRO IS GOING TO BUY signal this new phase. 
The great artistic success of the exhibitions as well as the success in terms of people visiting the exhibitions justifies the first steps of change.  

Cheap Art is something completely new and experimental and that's why it has raised a lot of questions regarding its subject matter, its role and its intentions." 

George Georgakopoulos
Dimitris Georgakopoulos
Christos Kehagioglou
Fiona Mouzakitis