Paper work

Choi Gwang Ok

Seoul, South Korea
July 9 - 24
Sounds of a Singing Shell
The Korean Paper art of Choi Gwang Ok reveals the mysterious, enigmatic and charming life of mere rice paper. The semi-transparent sheets of paper, dyed in soft shades and glued in layers onto the canvas, are transformed by the talent of the artist into a blossoming of unexpected colors and images. The texture of the rice paper, with its pliancy, softness, and velvety touch, is invaluable to the work of art, causing it to spring up before our eyes, seeming to be alive, moveable, breathable.
"Sound of Shell", 2000
91 x 203 cm
korean rice paper, acrylic
A shell creates pearls by covering an insignificant grain of sand with the thinnest nacre/ coating by coating. The artist reveals images, dreams and mirages which are hidden in the simple rice paper layers that form the base of her work. Melodious passages and complex color shades seem to unveil themselves out of nowhere, from the paper which doesn't ever try to resist the break, bringing wonderful images into our imagination. The fantastic shapes of extraordinarily refined color remind us simultaneously of the endlessly changing early morning mist moving over the sea with the fresh, sharp breeze, and the mysterious depth of the spiral shell which is singing its everlasting song.
"A memory", 2000
90 x 90 cm
korean rice paper, acrylic
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"Blue dream", 2000
61 x 68 cm
korean rice paper, acrylic
 The numerous many-colored coatings flow together and spring from the picture as if with luminescent blue nacre. The colors which Choi Gwang Ok uses for coloring the paper seem to be full of freshness and coolness, air and light. The transparency of air streams embraces the surface of her pictures with flowing blue currents, giving us a sensation of peace and freedom. These extremely attractive compositions consist of many elements, interactions of colors, and the disposition and depth of the color stains, which combine to create one mood.
"Absence", 1997
94 x 120 cm
korean rice paper, acrylic
The movements of the artist's hands must be accurate and delicate as they cut through the multi-layer thickness of paper with one tear which cannot be corrected once that act has been taken. She can broaden, deepen, or change this rending of the paper, but she can never reverse it.
The distinctive form which has been created is the unique characteristic of Choi's work.
I. Bronova

1963 Born in Seoul 
1987 Graduated from college of Fine Arts Seoul National University 
Residence: Seoul 


1991   The First solo exhibition (SOO Gallery) 
1992   The 2d solo exhibition (GAIN Gallery) 
2000   The 3d solo exhibition (ARKA Gallery, Vladivostok, Russia) 
2001   The 4th solo exhibition (Le Vall Art Gallery, Novosibirsk, Russia) 

1988   Choin Gwang Ok, Choi Jin Hee. Two men show (YOON Gallery) 
1988   The 14th Seoul contemporary Art Festival. (Fine art center) 
1990   DONG 28 exhibition 
1991- 94   Exhibition of "Sensibility & Expression" (KWAN HOON, NA, DANSYNG Gallery) 
1991   "Idea-beauty" (CHUNGNAM Gallery) 
1991- 93   The Korean paper works. Association exhibition 
1992- 93   Korean Paintress association (Seoul art center, Fine art center) 
1993   The exhibition of fine arts international (Tokyo, Japan) 
1995   "Day of the Earth" (Vladivostok, Russia) 
1995   "Salon de mai" (Paris, France) 
1996   Korean contemporary art 
1997   "Mystery of the soul" Kamer Theatre (Vladivostok, Russia) 
1997   "Korean paper after that" (Walker Hill Gallery, Seoul) 
1997   "Far East" (Khabarovsk, Russia)

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