December  5  - 19, 2001
Evgeniy Krioukov
Moscow, RUSSIA
one-person exhibition
Untitled, 1997 
Untitled, 1998 
Untitled, 1997 
Improvisation, 1998 


1936 Was born in Moscow 
1972  Graduated from Moscow High Art and Industry Institute (named by Stroganov) 
The artist lives and works in Moscow. Russia 


1990  “Exhibition-Auction” New York. Detroit. USA “EXPO 88” Gallery Moscow 
1991   “Moscow Designers” Berlin - Warsaw - Prague 
1992   “Gulhane Etkinleri”. Exhibition - Auction. Istanbul. Turkey 
1994  “Golden Brush”. Moscow “TANI” Gallery Moscow 
1995  “Kolodsey Art Foundation» USA “AIS” Gallery. Moscow 
1996  “Russian Collection» Moscow 
1997  “START”. Strasbourg. France 
Gallery “Les Oreades”. Central House of Artists. Moscow International Federation Of Artist. Moscow 
1998  “Graphic Cabinet”. “Novaya Collektsiya” Gallery Moscow “Artists from the Second Part of XX Century” Gallery “Les Oreades” Central House of Artists. Moscow Gallery “Vremena Goda” and “Kulturtoyer” der Deutschen Botschaft. Moscow 
Gallery “Les Oreades” Central House of Artists. Moscow Group Exhibition. German Embassy Moscow 
1999  Gallery “Les Oreades” Central House of Artists. Moscow 
2000   “ART Brussels”. Belgium
2001   Solo-exhibition. Le Vall Art Gallery, Novosibirsk, Russia

Copyright of all the images in this virtual exhibition belongs to Evgeniy Krioukov 

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