October 10 - November 4, 2002
Akihiro Takahashi
"On a Palm"
One person exhibition of digital photographs

Look at photographs of exhibition at LeVall Gallery

"I shot these photographs in Yokohama, Kawasaki, Tokyo by August 24 from
June 1, 2002.
I give a title of "On a palm" to the set of these photographs.
Life  "on a palm" of some strange huge system.
I feel the system which I cannot see and continue taking photographs."


People does not seem to be happy especially and does not seem to be unhappy.
I shoot it the moment that people pass.
The people who merely pass each other who have no point of contact with

"Plants" assumes an air of a symbol of the life that domestic peace and heart are rich in, and it is planted in a garden of most houses. I feel anything the same as feeling it from "dogs" when I look at "plants."Most houses compete and decorate a garden with those flowers and plants.

Flyers continues telling us about information of goods repeatedly every day. A lot of flyers reaches my house with a newspaper every day. In addition to my house, most home are distributed a lot of flyers. We can know goods of every kind and the price. And even graveyard and gravestone are carried by flyer. I go to outside of a house after having shot them one by one.
People live looks the same as flyers in the town.

While I walk, I come over to an around of a river.
I pass a lot of people who took dogs. I am made to know that there are people keeping dog a lot in this town. Dogs are seem compensation of love and anything which satisfies an empty heart and a pretense symbol of satisfied life.

"Wandering bags"
Vinyl bags of supermarket and convenience store wander in wind at the various places of town.
The wreckage of consumption. Empty bags wander in wind. Against people life looking like an imitation without a feeling of reality, "Only wandering bags" looks like a realistic thing somehow.

I push a shutter button when I felt emptiness incidentally. And I show the thing which came out there as "others".

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