December 12 - 31, 2002
Hiroaki Miyayama
Chiba/Tokyo, Japan
One-person exhibition
of colour etchings

Born in 1955. Graduated from Tsukuba University in 1979.
Solo exhibitions in Tokyo; New York, U.S.A.; Italy; Taipei; Belgium. Numerous participation in group exhibitions.
Awarded by national and international prizes.

Layer of legacies-1 

Red Rose-2

Flowering dogwood-96


Layer of legacies-4

Rose 95-2


This is the main object of the artist's creative work. Hiroaki Miyayama is watching for flowers for more than 10 years. His studio is located very recently to the park where during different seasons he can see very various plants and flowers in different stage of blooming.




"The Tale of Genji" Murasaki Sikibu
This is a new project for which the artist is working during last years. The novel consists of 55 chapters and Miyayama makes etchings for each chapter.
"I continued to look for the flowers, they are very rich. But I became to want to spread my expression. The literature
continued to give the inspiration to the artists until Impressionism. In Europe the Bible and Greek myths were important. In Japan Genji was the most important.
And I want to use the human body as a motif. I looked for the chance to use it. Some part of Genji is very erotic. It was good chance for me."

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