July 4 - 17, 2002
Pavel Antonov
New York
"Different Russians"
One-person exhibition
of photography
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                            Dm. Kiyan
1962 Born in Volgograd, USSR 
Moscow University of Culture 
Published in Das Magazine, Das Teatre, Facts, ELLE, OM, Harpers Bazaar, 
Marie Claire, Vogue, Playboy, Toronto Star, Business week, Foto&Video etc 

10x10 group exhibition (Zurich) 
10x10 group exhibition Gallery of        Journalist's union (Moscow) 
1-st International Photobienale (Moscow) 
personal exhibition "Russians" with coauthor 
"Fashion" personal exhibition in HHH studio 
"Gallery of Stars" - personal exhibition in Metropol hotel 
"Russians" exhibition and book launch, Planet Hollywood, restaurant 
2-nd International Photobienale (Moscow) 
"Jazz stars" permanent exhibition in "BOHEMIA" record company 
Moved to New-York, began work as free-lance photographer 
"Russians in America" - personal exhibition, Russian Samovar (NY) 
"Russian Madness" group exhibition, Robert Wilson's Watermill center 
"Russians in NYC" personal exhibition, DKNY boutique 
"Muses" group exhibition, Leslie-Lohman Gallery 
Small Works, MiMi Ferzt Gallery, New York, group exhibition 
"Different Russians" and "Nude", personal exhibition, LeVall Gallery, Novosibirsk (Russia) 

Public Collections: 
Moscow House of Photography (Russia) 
Museum of History of Moscow (Russia) 

About PAVEL ANTONOV for VOGUE Russia contributors' page:
    "Every year scores of ambitious European fashion photographers move to New York hoping to make it big in the Big Apple. Many of them end up shacking up in friends' living-rooms, working as dish-washers or waiters. But most of them don't get discovered by Donna Karan and wind up two weeks later with their photographs exhibited in her new DKNY Soho store. That's what happened to photographer Pavel Antonov who moved to Manhattan two years ago from Moscow where he had been working for fashion magazines. 
The exhibit this autumn at the DKNY boutique included Antonov's new series of emigres to Manhattan, among them pop artist duo Komar&Melamid on the roof of their studio and an iconic portrait of painter Yuri Gorbachev at his 57th Street apartment blanketed in a thick foxcoat. Says Donna Karan creative director Trey Laird: "Donna and I love that the energy of Antonov's photos are very much New York. They're quick. They have a pulse to them. They are not overly posed or overly lighted or overly technical. There's an immediacy and a freshness as if the photographer took the pictures out of passion," adding that "everybody is from somewhere. Even a Russian emigrant, a poet, a porn star, can be a typical New Yorker."
Natasha Zinger, New York, 2001
Dmitry Plavinsky                Andrey Bartenev
Russian artist, 2002            Russian artist, 2002
Boris Grebenshikov             Dmitry Smelyantsev
Russian poet & musician,          Russian photographer,
2001                                  2002
Slava Mogutin                               Polina
Russian artist, 2000                                 2002
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