September 11 - 25, 2002
To the memory of victims on September 11
POD Gallery
New York, U.S.A.
Exhibition of computer generated prints 
Exhibition consists of 40 electronic prints created by 12 North-American and European artists. All prints are provided by POD gallery, New York.

Artist: AIessandro Bavari

Title: Anacoreta

Artist: Roland Brener
Title: Dance of Four

Artist: Matthew Belanger

Title: Dancing Baby

Artist: Adam Kline

Title: 5Untitled-4  

Artist: Victor Acevedo
Title: February 29 93 v2

Artist: Pierre Dalpé
Title: Manny & Josephine

Artist: II-Yang Hong
Title: Creation II

Artist: Kevin Mutch
Title: Outdoor life

Artist: Pascal Yelle

Title: PA9901

Artist: Michael Wright

Title: Ice G

Artist: Holger Maass
Title: Absolut Sweden

Artist: Melissa Ulto
Title: Kiss

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