November 6 - 20, 2002
Steve Danzig
Melbourne, Australia
"Search for Self"
Exhibition of computer generated prints 

    Unearthly Delights 08
  Unearthly Delights 04
Unearthly Delights 02

Unearthly Delights
This is a new Series of prints created recently.
    Death 06 


      Death 15


The Death series is really a metaphor about life and how we are constantly challenged to make choices about our perception of reality or truth. Over the past 2 years I had 8 close friends and family die from a wide gamut of life events... from serious  illnesses to the tragedy of 911 and it challenges you take a closer look at what we value as important and  what makes us function in the broader sense of how we contribute in our day to day lives - As artists we are privileged in the way we can communicate our ideas to a global audience.
Viewing tower vibrations -
Empire State Buliding

Construction - ground zero/WTC

NYC subway

Visual Noice Transgression
Visual sound transgression has been a collaborative experiment constructing digital images for Web from soundscapes be recording sound files over a week in various New York locations - converted to mp3 files, sound to visual effects program and rendered in Photoshop, presenting a depiction of the day to day socio-activities of a major city.

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