May 17 - 30, 2002
Svetlana Makovetskaya
One-person exhibition
of photography
Born in 1948, in Yurga, Russia
1972-77 The Far-Eastern State University 
Member, Russian Union of Photo Artists since 1998
2002 LeVallArt Gallery, Novosibirsk 
2001 Art-Forum, Berlin (Germany) 
2001, 02 Art-Moscow, Moscow (Russia) 
2000 Collaboration, Makino Mieko, Now Gallery Toyama, Japan 
1999 A Woman through the Woman's Eyes, Moscow, Russia 
1999 InterPhoto-99, Moscow, Russia 
1998 Tango of the Passing Century, Arka Gallery Vladivostok, Russia 
1995 Delin Gallery Vladivostok, Russia 
To amaze the Japanese with this unique look at their own country, Svetlana visited it a number of times, she lived and worked there, having to sleep on the tatami, wer geta, drink sake and eat traditional food. Moreover, she became a friend of the Japanese woman who initiated Svetlana into the secrets of meditation and opened the door for her to the world of living nature usually closed to the Europeans.
"Svetlana Makovetskaya's playing with "past histories" is sometimes serious and sometimes ironic or grotesque... Photographing her contemporaries, she seems to turn on her "time machine", first in her inner artistic space, then dressing her models in period clothes... Her relations with the classic are free of canonizing patterns, and the recognizability of her images stems more from visual arts and, in part, from moving pictures. ...This approach is intentionally devoid of historicism and grows solely from her own sensual perception of a period, an era, a model and, finally, an object seen, that drapes the intrigue of the plot development around itself... At the photographs by Svetlana Makovetskaya we see the droplets of our history within ourselves."
Marina Kulikova,
Art Critic.

"Hours of lights streaming through a pinhole onto pewter soaked asphalt into lavender in mechanical imitation of light focussed on a retina by the lens of an eye." 

Guy Davenport 

With her background in journalism, Svetlana Makovetskaya started her professional career in photography in 1995. The same year Vladivostok saw her first personal art show. Since 1997, Ms. Makovetskaya's work has been exhibited in Japan at various times, and in 1999 her participation in the Russian national art event “Cultural Heroes of the 21st Century” organized by the Marat Guelman's Gallery, was enthusiastically received by critics. In 1999 she also took part in the annual International Moscow Festival of Professional Photography “InterPhoto'99” with her conceptual exhibit “A Woman Through the Woman's Eyes”. Svetlana Makovetskaya is the member of the Russian Union of Creative Photographers, contributing to a number of Russian and international publications. 

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