June 19 - July 02, 2003
Contemporary Japanese Graphic Art
T. Nakabayashi, R. Ikeda, K. Nagai etc.
Group exhibition of graphic works

Selection of the artists for this exhibition was done on the experience of exhibition organized in 1998 and also through the Catalogues. Finally we have selected a group of artists consisted of 15 members of PRINTSAURUS. One-person exhibitions of several artists from this group we already made during last years: Y. TAKAHASHI, K. KITAMURA, Y. UEDA (2000); A.TANIGUCHI (2001); H. MIYAYAMA (2002); S.KAWACHI & T.SAITO (2003). A relatively large group exhibition was done during the 6th International Art Salon in March 2003. We are also planning few new exhibitions in the nearest future...
  T. NAKABAYASHI (1937) - Professor - Printmaking, Department of painting

Main Awards:
Grand Prize at the 3d Competition of Modern print in
Museum of Modern Art Wakayama Prize in 1982
International Grand Prize at the 1st International Print Biennial, Taiwan in 1983
Inter-Graphic Prize at the 7th Berlin International Triennial in 1984 and so on...

Solo Shows:
1967 Shirota Gallery, Tokyo (also 71,  73, 77, 80, 83, 86, 89, 92, 95)
1975 Gallery Humanite, Nagoya
1983 Suzukawa Gallery, Hiroshima
1983 Fukuoka City Museum of Art
1985 Duson Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1986 Miyawaki Gallery, Kyoto
1997 Ikeda Museum of 20th Century Art, Ito
1998 Honma Museum of Art

Transposition, Ground-I, 2002
56 x 76.5 cm

Transposition, 1997

59.5 x 101 cm

Afternoon at the ebb, 1992
84 x 75 cm

Contained Silence, 2002
96 x 75 cm  
R. IKEDA (1947)

1969 Graduated fron Musashino Art University
1979, 81 The 14th & 15th Exhibitions of Contemporary Art of Japan, Tokyo Awarded prize (79, 81)
1980 Sunshine Grand-Prix '80 Tokyo (Grand-Prix)
The 3d Biennial Exhibition of Prints in Wakayama
1990 The 7th Biennial Exhibition of Prints in Seoul
1991 The 20th Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition. Awarded Society for Promotion of Art and Culture Prize, Iwaki City Museum of Art Prize.
1992 Exhibition of 10 artists for Copperplate Engraving at Kanagawa Museum of Modern Art
1993 The 1st International Triennial Print Exhibition in Egypt
1994 Osaka Triennial 1994, Bronze Prize
1995 Japanese culture: the Fifty Post was Years
2002 The Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura

Collections: The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo/ The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto/ Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art/ Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo etc.

K. NAGAI (1947) -  grew up in Hachioji, a suburb of Tokyo, a place which has been famous for its silk industry. His father was a professional weaver and a manufacturer of material from which he made kimonos. He also made decorative designs for these - whilst in his garden he planted flowers which produced the colour mixtures for the designs. So Kenji was obviously very much affected by his environment; in fact, he started to create his own art-work from a very early age and which his father obviously encouraged. Later he was impressed by paintings of  Van Gogh and even tried to imitate his art.
K. Nagai was graduated from the Musashino University of fine art in Tokyo in 1972. Since that time he has participated in many national and international exhibitions and won many prizes. Kenji Nagai is an extremely interesting and fascinating artist and we are honoured that we can exhibit some of his work in Russia.

More works of Mr. K NAGAI

WL . 99 - I, 1999
63 x 90 cm

WL . 01 - 22, 2001
63 x 90 cm
Also works of S. OTE, N. UEDA, E. KANAIDA, Y. TAKAHASHI & M. KUROYANAGI  are exhibited 
Satoshi OTE: Flying the Tower of Bible, 1991
71 x 92 cm

Yo TAKAHASHI: Square Sky, 2002
51 x 64 cm

Masataka KUROYANAGI: Air Current, 1996
45 x 80 cm

Noriko UEDA:
Relation-II, 2002

88 x 54 cm

Etsuko KANAIDA: Souvenir of a Dream, 2000
87 x 69 cm
Few photos of Exhibition at LeVall Gallery

Exhibitions 2003
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