May 15 - 31, 2003
Matthias Eule
"Forms, contrasts and colors"
one-person exhibition
of acrillic paintings,
graphic art on paper and papyrus,
 & computer generated prints

Born in 1961 in Kassel, Germany.
Studied at the Academy of Art in Kassel since 1987 till 1992.
Participated in special International program of Documenta-X in 1997.
Numerous one-person and group exhibition in Germany, USA, Yugoslavia etc.
Lives and works in Kassel.

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Sign of future-2
105x 120 cm /2003/ acrill on paper

  Sign of future-2

110x 120 cm /2003/ acrill on paper

  Sign of future-3
115x110 cm /2003/ acrill on paper
This is the beginning of new age in artist work.
60x 40 cm /2003/ computer print


40x 60 cm /2003/ computer print

60x 40 cm /2003/ computer print
This is the bridge between painting which was more typical for Matthias Eule in the past and computer generated art - new experience in the artist carier.
 Lost property-5
48x 38 cm /2003/ ink, papyrus

Fragment Genesis
42x 32 cm /2003/ ink, newspaper
"Lost Property" - is a series of works by ink on papyrus. This is the bridge between European knowledge of the artist and old Art traditions of Africa, Australia, South America and Asia.

Fragment Genesis - 10 Graphic works. It is a translation of the first 5 chapters of the Bible from German into 'Eule' language (each German letter has it's special correspondent drawing in Eule Language). The text was written on the
Stock exchange info lists of "FAZ" newspaper.

Exhibition was organized with assistance
of the General Consulate of Germany in Novosibirsk
in framework of cultural exchange between
Germany and Russia

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