July 31 - August 13, 2003

Pascal Yelle
one-person exhibition
of digital paintings

PJ0302, 2003
30" x 24"

PJ0117, 2001
30" x 28"

PJ0003, 2000
30" x 24"
"My digital paintings are created from sketch. I work 6 to 7 days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day and each digital painting takes me an average of a month to execute. I create my digital painting in the same philosophic way that oil painting is done. Like most artists and painters, I always start with sketches--something to start with and build up toward the final result.

Next, I need to create my own palette of colors. To do this, I extract them from different advertisements. I sift through many different types of magazines and publications and separate all the pages by color. If I need a
blue for an image, I will scan on my computer hundreds of blue pages and create a blue palette file. There are different ways to create a palette—different colors that I need to create for different paintings. Do I need, for example, a contrasty blue or a soft blue? Am I trying to represent an old wooden floor or a wool rug? From there, through software, I will adjust and blend my blue pages or brown pages to create that needed color like an oil painter mixing his color tubes on his tray. The difference for me is that I cannot go to an art supply store and buy a tube of blue advertisements that I later load into my computer. I’ve had to become a colorist and create my colors from scatch".

To see more works of Pascal Yelle visit his Web Site

PJ0101, 2001
30" x 24"

PJ0113, 2001
30" x 28"

PJ0005, 2000
30" x 24"
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