Novosibirsk State Art Museum

Exhibition of computer generated prints
April 8 - May 5, 2005
Project curator: Andrey MARTYNOV

Better view with resolution 1152 x 864 dots

This is THE LARGEST exhibition of computer generated prints even organized in Russia.


Left photography: 1 print by Heather FEARNON, Australia & 1 print by Helen GOLDEN, USA
Right photography: 4 prints by Cynthia Beth


Left photography: 5 prints by Vladimir Martynoff, Russia & 1 print by
Chang Soo KIM, South Korea
Central photography: 2 prints by Tifs Bitmap (Martins KRUKLIS), Latvia
Right photography: 1 print by
Chang Soo KIM, South Korea & 5 prints by Sue GOLLIFER, UK


Left photography: 2 prints by Alan DUNNING, Canada
Central photography: 1 print by Veerle ROOMS, Belgium & 1 print by Alan Scott, USA
Right photography: 1 print by Jan GWILT, New Zealand; upper block by Chi Wah MAN, Hong Kong
& lower block "Pixelscapes" by Tom CHAMBERS, USA


Left photography: 4 works by Pierre Dalpe & 3 prints by Pascal Yelle, both - Canada
Central photography: 4 large works by Steve DANZIG, Australia
Right photography: upper 1 parge work - by Satoshi MATSUYAMA, Japan, left 2 works by Maggie TAYLOR, USA;
3 works by Samantha EVERTON, Australia and 1 work by Alessandro BAVARI, Italy (right pier)


Left photography: 2 works on a column & 4 prints in one frame by Laurence GARTEL, USA; 2 prints by Holger MAAS, Germany
Central photography: left and right prints by Roland BRENER, Canada & 8 small works by Viktor KOEN, Greece
Right photography: left 3 small works - by Pavel KAPLUN, Germany;
central block "Shining Dark" by V. Ponomarev & right work by Andrey PULUSHKIN - both RUSSIA


Left photography: 1 work by E. Lazarenko & A.Dyakov, 4 prints by Eugeny Jussov - all Russia; 1 work by Francis WHITEHEAD, USA
Central photography: "cross" by Jennifer DRUCKER, upper work by Mitchi ITAMI & lower work by Naomi RIBNER - all USA
Right photography: left 2 large works - by Elena LAZARENKO, Russia & a small work by Yoshi ABE, Japan


Left photography: 1 work by Adam Kline, USA & 3 vertical works by Eugenia GORTCHAKOVA, Germany
Central photography: 2 works by Jerry N.Uelsman, USA
Right photography: 3 works in 2 frames by Joan POWERS, USA

Sang-gon CHANG
triptych by Sang-gon CHANG, South Korea

Also few works by other artists which are not on photographs were exhibited: Mike KING, UK;
Victor ACEVEDO, USA; Paul BROWN, Australia; Tim LONG, UK &  Dorothy SIMPSON KRAUSE, USA

Art works of following artists provided by POD Gallery, NY were exhibited
as a separate art project inside "aniGma" :
Victor Acevedo, Matthew Belanger, Stefano Coluccini, John Douglas, Jeff French, Jiri Heller, Holger Maass,
Laurie McMillan & Robert Wise,
Harold Olejarz, William Philyaw, John Van Praag, Melissa Ulto, etc.

Thank you very much for cooperation to ALL participated artists!!!!

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