The First International Festival of Digital Imaging & animation
18-19 October 2003, club "Rock City", Novosibirsk RUSSIA

We invite all interested freelance digital artists, designers and also photographers using digital technologies for creation of their art.

The Festival will consist of both Contest part and also Invited artists.

Several Categories will be considered generally:
- computer generated prints (wide range of technical approaches, including different combinations with traditional Printmaking, Photography and so on)
- animation, digital video etc.
- advertisement
- Web design (including Flash applications).

Please contact us for consideration via Email:

The Set of materials should include a CD with 10-15-20 images (the artist choice or we can discuss it via Email) or animated 'movie' to be shown on a large screen during the Festival. We also need a brief artist CV, his portrait (optional) and a short description of his techenique and used programs.
We appreciate, if the artist will send 1-2 (or more if he wishes) prints in a tube for the Exhibition of Computer Generated prints which will be organized during the Festival.

Since PCs are more typical for Russia please make your CDs for PC!

Please mark "No value, printed matter" on your parcels.

One artist can be represented in two or more Categories.

Deadline: September 30 (it takes usually at least 2 weeks or more from the North America and Europe to Russia by air mail)

Address for sending materials:
Mr. Martynov
LeVall Gallery
Vokzalnaya Magistral 6/1-45A
Novosibirsk 630004 RUSSIA
tel. 181514