Laurence Gartel

September 4-26, 2001
Le Vall Art Gallery
Russian Federation
Nuvo Japonica, 1989
"Double Face"
"East Meets West2"
"Face of the Rising Run"
Copyright of all the images in this virtual exhibition belongs to the artist. GARTEL 1989
"Drive in Movie"
"Passion To Please"
"Double Disguise"
"Minds of Mystery"
"Tea Ceremony"

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Laurence Gartel is the rare american artist that uses BOTH sides of the brain: The Artistic and the Technical...He is a pioneer of Digital Art for over 25 years and has several books on his artwork as well. The last one published by Edizioni Mazzotta in Milano, Italy. 250 pages and over 400 color plates. The Introduction was written by art historian and critic, Pierre Restany. (1998)

"Nuvo Japonica" Series

This series was created in 1989. The initial catalyst for this series was the changing of the chip market for computers. Back in the 80s the economic war strained relations between the super powers of Japan and the United States. It was for this reason that GARTEL decided to blend the cultures of Traditional Japanese imagery and American Iconography. The final photographic prints were exhibited at the Joan Whitney Payson Museum in Portland, Maine. These works were shown immediately after the sale of their most prestigious Impressionist painting, Van Gogh's "Irises." Museum director Judith Sobol was pleased to present this work as an enrichment and confirmed that the works of GARTEL were as innovative and important as the Impressionists of their time.

Download Greetings (AVI file) ~600K
making by Laurence Gartel
for opening of his exhibition
at the Le Vall Art Gallery
Vernisage at the LeVall Art Gallery,
September 4, 2001
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