Different Dimension

"Air" by Jun Ichi Sato, Japan

"For several years, I'm thinking of air.  Not of light, not of material,
but of air. We live in the air from our born time to our death time.  When we see
the long distance, we are forced to see very thick layer of the air at the
same time.  As far as we are on the earth, not only sound, but even light
comes to us through the air.  I'm always wondering.  What we see as material
is really material?  What we see as light is certainly light?  And how
about colors?  In a sense, what we all see is nothing else but the air.  Air
touches my eyeballs and I close my eyes.  Air touches my camera lens
and I press the button for shutter release.  And now, you are seeing
my photographs through the air."