Different Dimension


Argentina (Alfonso Castillo, Mario Baigorria, Maria Cristina Fresco, Alejandra Mastro, Eduardo Medici, Laura Messing, Carola Rousso, Matilde Marin)

Australia (David Stephenson, Anne MacDonald)

Austria (Wolfgang Bogner)

Belgium (Mark De Fraeye)

(Frank Dituri, Paolo Tosti, Luca Cini)

Japan (Norio Kobayashi, Akihiro Takahashi, Jun Ichi

France/USA (Lee Mayr / Anton  Koslov)

Germany (Andreas Pein)

Slovakia (Katka Prackova)

Spain (Gloria Marco)

Switzerland (Ivan De Maria)

Taiwan (Hui Yu LO, Wen-Chi CHEN, Sheu Jer YU)

USA (Mark MacKinnon, Jennifer Drucker)

"Different Dimension"
- is the 1st Novosibirsk International Festival
of contemporary photography
: July 13 - August 30, 2006)
It is a large exhibition consisted of about 400 photographs
It takes place at the Novosibirsk State Art Museum (NSAM)

We are planning the next Second Festival in 2008
Having any question or suggestion please contact us via Emails:

Photos of the Vernisage:







Selected photographs by 8 artists from Argentina
"Geometry and Men" by Wolfgang Bogner
Selected color photographs, Luca Cini
"Flesh is the prison of the soul" by Wen-Chi Chen
Retrospective show: Selected photographs, Frank Dituri
"Oceanends" by Jennifer Drucker
B&W photographs by Mark De Fraeye
"Digital Kitchen" by Norio Kobayashi
"Presence and Absence", Karen Lo
"Silk 2005-6" by Anne MacDonald
"Miles from Nowhere" by Mark MacKinnon
Selected photographs, Gloria Marco
Selected photographs, Ivan De Maria
"Vampires" Lee Mayr (Anton Koslov)
"Wading", Andreas Pein
"Dark in Light, Light in Dark" by Katka Prackova
"Air" by Jun Ichi Sato
"Marking Time" by David Stephenson
"Fence" by Akihiro Takahashi
"Customs and rituals" by Paolo Tosti
"Being There" by Sheu Jer Yu

WELCOME!!! During the Festival days in July & August you can
see non-stop online "Web collaboration" from Japan

Festival Director: Andrey Martynov, RUSSIA
Festival Art Director: Frank Dituri, ITALY
Organizing committee:
Krasny prospekt, 5
Novosibirsk State Art Museum
Novosibirsk 630007 RUSSIA
tel 007 383 223 4225
fax 007 383 222 2266

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