Contemporary Art Gallery
Etchings by A. Steshenko & V. Grigorenko
March 24 - April 8, 2000

    This is the first cooperative project between the LeVall Gallery in Novosibirsk and "Arka" Gallery in Vladivostok.
    This private gallery was found in April 1995. During five years of its existence the gallery organized many Art Shows in different locations. We are happy that now "Arka" Gallery has its own premises where we are organizing exhibitions of the top local artists. 
    The gallery displays paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, installations, tapestry, batiques, miniatures, exlibrises of Russian and foreign masters. 
    We will be glad to cooperate with the governmental and private galleries, collectors and other organizations. 
    The expert art critic of the "Arka" Gallery selects collections for private and public interiors, banks, offices and consult in obtaining the antique items. 
    Our gallery is ready to cooperate with th individuals willing to participate in non-commercial cultural projects as well as offer the premises for various cultural events. 
     You are welcome in our wonderful gallery at 
     5, Svetlanskaya Street 
     Vladivostok, 690091 RUSSIA 

Three exhibitions were provided by "Arka" gallery for showing at the LeVall Art gallery:
- exhibition of photography by Mikhail Pavin, November 2000
- "Paper works" by Choi Gwang Ok from South Korea, July 2001 
- exhibition of photography by Konstantin Shulga, April 2002

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